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During the period 1869 to 1970, some 20 potteries of varied size and longevity created hand crafted pottery in the Torquay area of South Devon. Collectively these firms produced a wide range of souvenir ware, fine art pottery, and architectural and decorative terracotta . Although many collectors are first introduced to their work by the pots decorated with cottages and cute sayings, the range of these potters’ arts included many different styles of decoration.

This information has been provided by the NATS web site.


N.A.T.S. was founded in 1990 by individuals sharing a common interest in the pottery. The Society has about 400 members in 47 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

In addition to publishing The Collector magazine 4 times per year, the Society holds an Annual Convention. The convention is held in different locales every year to enable our wide spread membership an opportunity to attend. Activities at the convention include a sales mall at which dealers offer a large number of unusual and large pots for sale. A CD Video of highlights from the 1999,2000, 2001 and 2002 conventions is available free.

The Society’s Area representatives encourage members to display their collections and share their love of the pottery with other collectors through Open Houses. Please visit this LINK for more information and to join the North American society.


Torquay Pottery Collectors Society Web Link
The Society was founded in 1976, by Ian M Green, to stimulate interest in the history of the old South Devon potteries and to bring together the collectors of Torquay in a common aim of research.
Four national meetings are held each year, at venues across the country. At these meetings, talks and mystery sessions (with the aim of identifying members' pots) provide members with information. Specialist dealers, an auction and a members' sales table provide the opportunity to buy and sell. The national meetings are supplemented by various local events, providing similar agendas but on a slightly smaller scale.

The Society publishes SCANDY, a colourful illustrated quarterly magazine, which provides various information about the potteries, their products and their employees; in addition to notifying members of forthcoming events. Various books and booklets have also been produced and may be purchased, by members, from the Society's Products Manager, either at the regular meetings or by post. Click LINK to visit the Torquay Pottery Society website.

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