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Living Coasts - Torquay
Beacon Quay
01803 202470
Living Coasts - Torquay directions
Torquay's coastal zoo is a wildlife oasis in the middle of the bustling waterfront area. Beneath the vast net canopy you will find one hundred penguins plus fur seals, puffins, wading birds, sea ducks – and lots, lots more. Fascinating underwater viewing and many surprises downstairs. Café, shop and terrace with glorious Bay views.

Developments during 2008 will bring amazing new exhibits and exciting new species such as poisonous stingrays and dinosaur crabs.

There will also be a whole lot more to do undercover for adults and children alike, including penguin computer games and a magic floor. Living Coasts is an all-weather attraction.


These are cliff nesting, colonial birds such as puffins, which feed under water using wing-propelled diving. They can be seen though underwater viewing areas and have an artificial cliff. The underwater view is the first thing the visitor sees but the above water view is just as interesting especially when the artificial waves comes in!


Avocets, redshanks and ruff coexist amicably; These attractive birds are active and behaviourally interesting. An artificial beach, wave and tide machine together with grassy area makes a pleasant contrast to the rocky, auk exhibit.


These are an important group of birds for 'Living Coasts' and holds large flocks of two species. The African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) is less active and are stand statue like. The Gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) from the Antarctic make better use of deep water and are excellent for visitor viewing of birds underwater, as well as having completely different nesting behaviour from African penguins.

Sea Ducks

A number of eider (Somateria spp) and scoter (Melanitta spp) species, along with long-tailed ducks (Clangula hyemalis) are very attractive and will thrive in a cold, marine environment. Underwater viewing is also possible as most species feed on the seabed.

Gulls and Terns

The exhibit contains free-flying species of gulls and terns. The species are distinctively different from the herring gulls that already live in Torquay! We are sure they would like to get in however, as the birds seem so content below the netting.

The exhibition has a strong educational theme and an exhibit of black rats (Rattus rattus) is at the centre of Living Coasts.The damage that rats have done to seabird colonies on islands throughout the world is substantial. Additionally there is extensive space allocated as an educational play area, allowing visitors to explore marine coastal conservation issues in an entertaining and informative way.

South Amercan Fur Seals
The South American fur seals, will of course steal the show for most children and probably adults! Clearly enjoying the company and attentions of humans, these lovable creatures can be seen swimming swiftly below the surface, playing in the clear waters and enjoying the Torquay sunshine on the exposed rocks. They also hunt penguins; fortunately the penguins are kept in a separate area of Living Coasts!!
Finally the exhibition includes a lovely retail store selling goods appropriate to the exhibit, and a superb café and restaurant which offers high-quality food and a stunning panoramic view over Torbay. The restaurant "Azure" will be open for al carte dining in the evenings and for private bookings during the day. The cafe has a wonderful ambience and the views over Torbay make you realise why Torquay is known as the heart of the English Riviera.

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Living Coasts - Torquay

Living Coasts - Torquay

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