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Homer Halibut. Bigger than you'd believe!

Homer has a rich heritage and association with the sea. Halibut and Salmon are an integral part of the this place. The Halibut are huge and so are the Salmon. Competitions, Derby's fiercely competitive boats and charters. If you like bug fish, you'll love this!!


Homer is "The Halibut Fishing Capital of the World"! Its sixteenth year running was in 2000 and at time of writing, its now in its 24th!

The competition is one of the most prestigious and hotly contested events of the year. No surpise really when the prize can be over $30,000! Sponsored by the The Homer Chamber of Commerce and sale of tickets, you don't even have to fish as their are cash prizes just
for buying a ticket.

Each month of the contest, the FIVE largest halibut caught will receive $1000, $750, $500, $250 and $125 respectively and the derby is over four months long. The grand prize cash award is presented at the end of the season to the fisherman with the largest fish in the derby.

Tagged fish are also an opportunity: We have prizes for tagged fish too, they're worth 500 dollars, 1,000 dollars.
and in 2007 there were six of them t worth 10,000 dollars.

Jerry Saunders hooked into his huge jackpot winning halibut (358.4lbs) in Cook Inlet in 2007. On October 5 at the Homer Halibut Derby Awards Party. Jerry won $37,243. This huge fuish was caught near the Chugach Islands, just south of the Kenai Peninsula. This fish is the third largest halibut to win the Homer Halibut Derby.
The largest was caught in 1996 and weighed 376 lbs.Two other large halibut were entered in the derby this year weighing 340 lbs and 333 lbs.

Homer can handle large volumes of fishermen, wich is just aswell because thousands turn up! The halibut charter fleet is extensive and very experienced finding Halibut, althoughdistances to the grounds may be extensive, up to 50 miles. Most charter boat
offices can sell you a derby ticket at the same time you check in for the trip. The derby headquarters located on the Homer Spit also sells tickets and provides updates on current leaders for the monthly and grand prize awards.

Derby Dates are May 1 through Labor Day

Places to Fish For Halibut

Obviously every fisherman has his own favourites and some more secretive about them than others. We can't tell you where to fish and as you need a charter boat with experenced captain. Here is a list to choose from:-

  • Fish Homer
    Box 895
    Homer, Alaska 99603
    Local 907-235-5464
    cell 907-399-4263
    Booking Toll Free 1-800-770-7620
    Your Captain Toll Free 1-877-699-5464
  • Grizzly Charters, LLC
    Travis & Terri Wilson
    PO Box 1664
    Homer, Alaska 99603
    Toll free 1-888-948-4388

For further informatuion on sport and recreational see the Fishing Alliance

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