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Homer Salmon. Big Fish, Light Tackle!

Homer has a rich heritage and association with the sea. Halibut and Salmon are an integral part of the this place. The Salmon are pretty susbtantial in size and make great eating. Use light tackle, troll, spin or float.... the choice is yours.


Silver Salmon (Coho) The coho salmon has always been considered important by commercial and sport fishermen in across Canada and Alaska. The best catches are made from July to September with a peak in August. Fly fisherman take cohos at stream mouths using bucktail flies and those anglers using lures, frozen or pickled herring and salmon eggs have plenty of luck. Coho salmon can be canned, mild cured, smoked or if troll caught, sold fresh or fresh-frozen.

Prior to entering the rivers along the coast, these fish gorge themselves on massive schools of tiny baitfish, often gaining two to three pounds or more in the last months of their lives. Returning adult coho salmon begin arriving at the Homer Spit "Fishing Hole" in early August and continue to arrive through mid September. Coho generally weigh 7-16 pounds and swim along the Homer Spit en route to their spawning grounds in the Fox River area at the head of the Bay. Artificial lures from the The Spit can be as good as trolling from a small boat. Brightly colored spoons and spinners are also a good choice. Look for a concentration of " bait jumpers" and position yourself within casting or trolling distance of these fish.

This is a great chance to use light tackle and experience a fighting fish in its prime and its last throws of existence"

If you want something substantially bigger try the monster Halibut!

King (or Pink) Salmon can also be caught. Since pinks are relatively small salmon usually about 18-24 inches long reaching an average weight of 3-5 pounds, small baits and lures are most effective. The safest rule for color is simple - use pink for pink. Small pink spoons and hoochies are productive in salt and fresh water. Small spinners are also effective. A small tuft of pink yarn will produce dozens of pink salmon per day during peak runs.

Other successful fishing techniques aroudn Homer include casting with artificial lures, offering salmon egg clusters, shrimp and cut herring. Trolling herring and lures along the eastern shoreline of the Spit can alsobe lucrative. The run begins in late May, peaks in mid June, and ends in early July.

If you are interested in commericial fishing click here

Places to Fish For Salmon

Apart from the Homer spit, the obvious choice is a boat. Obviously every fisherman has his own favourites and some more secretive about them than others. We can't tell you where to fish from a boat and as you need a charter boat with experenced captain here is a list to choose from:-

  • Fish Homer
    Box 895
    Homer, Alaska 99603
    Local 907-235-5464
    cell 907-399-4263
    Booking Toll Free 1-800-770-7620
    Your Captain Toll Free 1-877-699-5464
  • Grizzly Charters, LLC
    Travis & Terri Wilson
    PO Box 1664
    Homer, Alaska 99603
    Toll free 1-888-948-4388

For further informatuion on sport and recreational see the Fishing Alliance

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