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Weather & Tides

Homer is in Alaska. So don't expect to get a good tan in the winter and expect storms, snow, cold weather and more. The summer however is ideal for fishing and Homer experiences less than a week (so they say) of weather that prohibits fishing, which is why so many people visit Homer! We recommend you check the links below however to see what its like now!

Weather in Alaska. Good in the summer, great Autumns.....
Other Useful Links

The Complete weather solution. Wunderground
Or try Weatherfor for a simple graphical illustration

To find out the tide times in Homer, please visit the National tide table centre
Tide tables

To find out the what the Sea and Weather condiitons are in this region is like then please visit Shipping Forecast times

Aurora Forecast - Watch the skys at the right time!

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Some of the local activities most affected by the weather:

Marine Weather Forecast

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Live Webcam

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